District Administrator Sven Hinterseh (CDU) said on Friday in Villingen-Schwenningen

District Administrator Sven Hinterseh (CDU) said on Friday in Villingen-Schwenningen

Because of the severe leg injury, rehabilitation measures will probably follow for him after the hospital.

According to the police, the 39-year-old’s car was found in Apolda on Friday. The accused apparently left it behind after the fact and continued his escape on foot to get to an apartment in Jena.

The state chairman of the Thuringian Police Union (GdP), Kai Christ, then spoke of a new quality of the attack on police officers in which the car was used as a weapon.

After a violent dispute in Apolda, arrest warrants were issued against two men over the weekend. The 27 and 37-year-old suspects are said to have injured a 50-year-old in such a way that he was in mortal danger in the meantime. As the police announced on Sunday, the attack occurred on Thursday evening. The victim suffered severe facial injuries and broken ribs, according to a police spokesman. The course of the act is still being investigated.

The police broke up a meeting of the right-wing scene in the Apolda district of Oberroßla on Saturday evening. In a spacious garden, more than 80 people, some of whom were known to the police, had gathered, as the state operations center announced. The event was not registered.

According to the Thuringian Corona Regulation, larger celebrations and non-public events must be reported to the authorities 48 hours in advance. The participants also disregarded infection protection regulations, it said. When establishing the identities, there were also isolated crimes against the police officers. What it was about was not disclosed.

The intervention of the police was praised across party lines. "In Thuringia it has become much more uncomfortable for the Nazis"Interior Minister Georg Maier (SPD) wrote on Twitter on Sunday. "The party was over before it really started. #NazisRaus". CDU General Secretary Raymond Walk also commented on the actions of the police on Twitter: "That’s right! No space for enemies of democracy; not in Apolda, not in Thuringia and anywhere else!"

The police are still looking for a man who allegedly threatened to harm a specific person. "After the first investigations, a danger against third parties could be excluded"said a police spokesman on Saturday. The police were alerted because an acquaintance of the wanted person had reported. According to him, the wanted man threatened to harm another person. According to the spokesman, the police are constantly present at the place of residence of this person who may be at risk. So far, however, the specific connection between this and what is sought is also unclear.

It is also unclear whether the man has access to dangerous objects or weapons. Likewise, a possible motive has not yet been recognized, said the spokesman. The search for the man had already started on Thursday evening. According to the spokesman, the focus is currently on figuring out a motive.

In the Weimarer Land district currently particularly affected by the corona pandemic, a resident of a retirement home in Apolda who was sick with Covid-19 died on the weekend. This increases the number of deaths in connection with the novel corona virus to six, the district announced on Sunday evening. The number of infected people has increased by 3 new cases to 137 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Furthermore, according to the information, six patients are in inpatient treatment. All tests in the retirement home were negative. According to the district, this also applies to all findings from students, teachers and bus users of the school in Buttelstedt, which were received by the health department at the weekend.

In the Weimarer Land, the number of new corona infections had recently skyrocketed. A senior travel group is considered to be the trigger for the outbreak.media and politics essay topics Most of the 30 or so travelers had returned infected from a bus tour to a Czech spa earlier this month. Some of the infections were only noticed days later. The now deceased is a case related to the tour group. The facility is under quarantine.

The massive corona outbreak among supporters of a free church in Villingen-Schwenningen (Schwarzwald-Baar district) is drawing more and more circles. In the meantime, at least 81 infections can be traced back to two church services at the end of October, a spokeswoman for the responsible district office told the German press agency on Wednesday. About a week ago the number was about 60.

Around 150 people took part in the church services called Crystal Forum. The district office then complained that it was difficult to contact the participants because the lists were sometimes missing the addresses or incorrect names and telephone numbers were given. Whether hygiene rules have been disregarded will be checked further, said the spokeswoman. The parish had asserted that a comprehensive hygiene concept for the services had been drawn up and adhered to.

After the sharp rise in new corona infections, the Weimarer Land district is again restricting parts of public life. Folk festivals are prohibited for the time being, and the number of participants in private celebrations and club events is limited, according to a general decree issued by the district office in Apolda on Wednesday.

According to this, private celebrations in closed rooms such as weddings, birthdays or youth consecrations as well as events by associations in rooms with more than 30 people are prohibited. In the open air this limit is 50 participants. In Thuringia, the number of cases is rising again after local corona outbreaks.

The district office recommends that municipalities in the Weimarer Land district not allow private celebrations in village community centers and youth clubs. Folk festivals and assemblies, with the exception of meetings of local parliaments, are temporarily prohibited. The restrictions apply initially up to and including October 4th.

In the past seven days, a total of 43 people fell ill in Weimarer Land; on Wednesday the district office counted seven new cases. In the district, the number of infections skyrocketed, especially after a senior tour group returned from a Czech spa. Most of the 30 or so participants were infected with the Sars-CoV2 virus. According to the Jena city administration, the group also included two participants from Jena.

On Wednesday, a case was also reported in a nursing home in Apolda and in a school in Buttelstedt. Schoolchildren, teachers and educators are tested there; the school is initially closed for two days. In the nursing home, 200 residents and employees are to be tested for the virus on Thursday. There are currently 200 contact persons in quarantine throughout the district.

In Jena, too, a school was temporarily closed on Wednesday after students were infected with corona. The infection was detected in a schoolgirl on Monday, as the city administration announced. Confirmation was received on Wednesday for two other young people. The routes of infection are so far unclear as well as possible further infections. The school is closed until Friday. All students and staff were placed in quarantine at home.

The Ilm district reported four new infections within 24 hours on Wednesday. Among them are two other employees in an Arnstadt home for people with disabilities and a contact person, said the district office. The residence and an associated workshop had already been temporarily closed.

200 employees of the workshop and 48 residents of the three residential groups are affected by the closure. The health department has taken 150 smears since Tuesday, it said. There are currently 26 active cases in the Ilm district. The Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district also reported three new cases on Wednesday. These occurred independently of one another. Two of the sick are currently being treated in hospital, 70 contacts are in quarantine.

Nationwide, 19 new corona infections were reported within 24 hours on Wednesday. 123 new cases were counted over the past seven days. This increased the number of proven infections to 3834, 189 Thuringians died in connection with a corona infection. The numbers do not yet include the new cases from Arnstadt and the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district.

In the Schwarzwald-Baar district, there should be no exit restrictions for the time being due to the corona pandemic. District Administrator Sven Hinterseh (CDU) said on Friday in Villingen-Schwenningen. On the one hand, the seven-day incidence is currently again below the value of 200, on the other hand, there is still no legal order from the state. Even if there is a corresponding decree by the state government, the district itself will decide whether such a measure is necessary, said Hinterseh. The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in one week was 195.3 in the district on Thursday (as of 4:00 p.m.) according to the State Health Office.

The district adopted stricter measures on Friday, such as an expanded mask requirement and a ban on events. "We didn’t want to wait any longer for the country to act"said Hinterseh to justify the now independently adopted measures. Regarding nationwide regulations announced by the government on Thursday, the CDU politician said "I would have liked it to go faster".

The district currently has high case numbers, especially in nursing homes, as the head of the health department, Jochen Früh, said. Eleven homes are currently affected with more than 160 cases. In the past few days, there have been two to four new deaths in nursing homes every day. The infection process is also diffuse. There are also increasing transfers from nursing staff to their families.

After an attack on a pastor in the cemetery in Apolda, the state security was also involved in the investigation. The spokesman for the state police department, Patrick Martin, said on Monday at the request of the German press agency. Previously, the newspaper had "Thuringian General" reported on the incident on Sunday.

The superintendent of the church district Apolda-Buttstädt had after the central celebration of Thuringia on the day of national mourning with his smartphone a group of about 20 people in the cemetery, which is said to have laid a wreath on the German graveyard, according to the report. The group was apparently assigned to the right-wing clientele, it said in a later police report on Monday afternoon. The 41-year-old clergyman took two pictures with his cell phone because he suspected an unauthorized event, it said.

The group felt provoked by the recordings. Thereupon six people approached the superintendent and asked him to hand over the cell phone. A person then held the clergy by the collar of his jacket and kicked him in the right thigh, the message said. As a result, the man gave his cell phone and deleted the pictures against his will. The group had left the cemetery before the police arrived. However, there are indications of the identity of the people.

It is now being investigated for bodily harm, coercion and threat. "We have a direction of investigation"said police spokesman Martin. He did not give any further details about a possible political background.

The incident has already led to expressions of solidarity with the pastor on the Internet. Former CDU state chairman Mike Mohring from Apolda wrote on Twitter that he was shocked. Astrid Rothe-Beinlich, Member of the Green State Parliament, also recorded the short message service: "Incomprehensible! Our thoughts are with the superintendent who has apparently been attacked by right-wing extremists. We demand comprehensive clarification of the incidents!"

In view of the high number of corona infections, individual districts in the southwest are drastically restricting public life. In the Tuttlingen district and in the Schwarzwald-Baar district, only one household with one other person may meet publicly and privately from Saturday, a maximum of five people. So it is in the general decrees of the two circles, which were published on Friday. Events are prohibited with a few exceptions. Only 50 people are allowed to attend funerals. Hospitals and nursing homes may only be visited after an antigen test or with an FFP2 mask. With these rules, the municipalities are guided by plans from the Ministry of Social Affairs. A nationwide regulation is still pending.

The state government announced on Thursday nightly exit restrictions for districts with more than 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week. A decree should also regulate further restrictions in the hotspot areas, such as event bans. The rules should be published on Friday and come into force next week, as a government spokesman for the dpa said.

Mannheim made progress on Thursday and was the first municipality to announce a nocturnal exit restriction. It should apply from Friday between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. and initially until December 14th. Exceptions are professional activities or visits to the doctor. A check must be able to demonstrate whether there is such a reason. The police in Mannheim have mobile and stationary controls with one "very high presence throughout the night" announced.

The president of the community assembly, Roger Kehle, has defended the drastic restrictions in the corona hotspots in the country. He is aware that exit restrictions are a violent means, said Kehle of the German Press Agency in Stuttgart. After painful deliberations, the state government’s Corona steering committee came to the conclusion that there was no other option. He even brought the idea of ​​a very tough lockdown between Christmas and the Three Kings into play. The municipalities are now behind the compromise found. It is right that such measures should be struggled long and hard, since they are major cuts for the people in the country.

In several counties, however, the country’s actions were criticized as being too slow. "We didn’t want to wait any longer for the country to act", said the district administrator of the Schwarzwald-Baar district, Sven Hinterseh (CDU) on Friday to justify the now independently adopted measures.